Research in Pharmacy and Health Sciences

ISSN: 2455 5258
An International Peer Review Journal

Volume 4, Issue 2: April 2018- June 2018

1.The quality of life assessment of chronic schizophrenia and diabetic patients with WHOQOL in Indian population: a comparative study
Sreelakshmi Sreedhar*, Aswini B, Neethu Poulose, Akhil Hari, P N Sureshkumar

2. Probiotics for Oral Health: Boon or Bane
Nitish Bhat*, Sucheta Bansal, Kalpna Thakur, Ankit Rawat, Sunny Sharma, Narendra Singh

3. The Notion of Platform-Switching in Implants: A Review
Ankit Rawat, Rupinder Singh Dhall, Nitish Bhat, Shivika Ahluwalia, Novika Sahni, Sunny Sharma, Narender Singh*

4. Curing Asthma with Diet and Lifestyle Modification
Rai Waqas Ali, Umair Dar, Izzatullah Khan1, Asim Farooq, M. Soban, Zafeer Naeem Wain, Umer Tahir, Irfan Bashir

5. Isolation of Bacteriophage from Guheswori Sewage Treatment Plant Capable of Infecting Pathogens
Bikram Gautam*, Lomas Aryal, Sachana Adhikari, Manoj Rana, AnjitaRajbhanshi, Sunita Ghale, Rameshwar Adhikari

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