Research in Pharmacy and Health Sciences

ISSN: 2455 5258
An International Peer Review Journal

Volume 2, Issue 2: April 2016 – June 2016

1. Evaluation of anti-Diabetic Activity for Ethanoic extract of Syzygium cumini leaf in Dexamethasone induced diabetic rats
Chattu Maheswararao

2. Solubility Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Drug Simvastatin by Solid Dispersion Technique
Neelima Rani T*, Pavani A, Sobhita RaniP, Srilakshmi N

3. Multiple Drug Resistance in Typhoid Fever: A Case Report
Sabeeha Kausar

4. Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight among Adolescent School Children in Jaipur, India
Hossain S*, Singh S, Samdarshi N, Khatri V

5. A Cross-sectional Study on the Level of Perceived Stress and Self-reported Morbidity among Call Handlers Working in Call Centers in Gurgaon, Haryana
Hossain S*, Hossain Q, Singh S, Samdarshi N

6. Response of Plant growth regulators on leaf photosynthetic pigments of pot marigold
Seyedeh Fatemeh Moosavi Sardoo

7. Overview of the Pharmacological Management of Neuropathic Pain
Virendra Yadav*, Manish Singh, Manoj Shukla, Ashish Singh, Virendra Shukla

8. Selfie Syndrome: A Disease of New Era
Sai Krishna G*, Komal Krishna T

9. Self-medication in Underserved Population in India: A Review
Akshay Parihar, Thuy Tien Tran, Thanveer Gadwal, Rajesh Balkrishnan, Isha Patel*

10. Hair Dye Poisoning: A Case Report
Sripraharshita Gadi*, Chandra Sekhar K, Mahaboob Basha Shaik, Durga Prasad TS

11. A review on extraction and phytochemical screening methods
Anuj Agarwal*, Ashish Kumar, Bhuvnesh Kumar Singh, Neelanchal Trivedi, K. K. Jha

12. Book review: Deadly medicines and organized crime
Shankar PR*, Alshakka MAM

13. Role of Community Pharmacist in the prevention and management of Cardiovascular Diseases: A pilot study
Maria Ayub*, Sumayya Khurram, Uroosa Maqbool, Aniqa Malick, Faiza Muneer, Syeda Fizza Fatima and Saira Bibi

14. Primary Amenorrhoea with Pituitary Dwarfism: A rare case report
Siva S*, Divya Gopineni, Shafi P, Chandra Sekhar

15. Knowledge, Attitudes and Perception of Voluntary and Replacement Blood Donors regarding Organ Donation
Sudhir Prabhu H, Delma D’Cunha*


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