Nurse’s knowledge and Awareness Regarding Cervical Cancer and its Prevention in Different Hospitals of Quetta, Pakistan

Objective: This study aimed to assess the knowledge and awareness regarding cervical cancer and its prevention among nurses working in different hospitals of Quetta, Pakistan. Methodology: The cross sectional, descriptive study was conducted by using structured questionnaire in different hospitals of Quetta from January to September 2016.  Convenient sampling technique was applied by targeting all the nurses working in different hospitals of Quetta city. Study questionnaire was developed and tested for validity and reliability. Descriptive and inferential statistics (Mann Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis tests, p<0.05) were used to assess the significance among study variables and were performed by using IBM SPSS v.20. Results: Out of 415 distributed questionnaires 324 were returned (response rate of 78%). The mean Age of respondents was 28.18 ±9.5 years. Majority (n=127, 43.3%) of participants were interns and had no or less than one year of experience (n=128, 43.7%) with negative family history of any cancer (n=275, 93.9%). Mean knowledge score was 18.52±4.84with majority (n=258, 88.1%) had adequate knowledge regarding cervical cancer. Respondent sage, current area of practice, qualification, Institute of degree and past family history were contributing factors (p > 0.05) in adequate knowledge in this study. The results also reviled that not only 68.3% (n=200) and 65.5% (n=192) respondents knew that cervical cancer is vaccine preventable and availability of the vaccine for it. Conclusions: Nurses working in different hospitals of Quetta city had better understanding of the disease cervical cancer and its prevention. Yet many of the respondents are not aware of its vaccine and its availability. Keywords: knowledge, Awareness, Cervical Cancer, Prevention, Nurses