Pediatrics’ Total Parenteral Nutrition: Initiative and implementation of standardized formulation in Saudi Arabia

The national total parental nutrition program with an emphasis on pediatrics started before several ago at Ministry of health hospitals In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program covered several regions and consisted from the foundation of Intravenous Admixture and preparation of pediatric parenteral nutrition to administration and follow up of patients outcomes. In addition to the prior system, the new initiative project with the standardized formulation of pediatric’s parenteral nutrition is the complementary project of the parental nutrition for pediatrics. The project initiated to prevent drug-related problems of parental nutrition, improve patient clinical outcome and reduce the unnecessary economic burden on the healthcare system. It is the new system in the Middle East and Gulf counties in additional to Saudi Arabia. The initiatives are the systemic implementation of standardized pediatrics formulation using management project tools of starting new idea until finding in the ground. Keywords: Adult total parenteral nutrition, formulation, Pharmacy, Ministry of Health,
Saudi Arabia.