Significance of In-Vitro and In-Vivo Correlation in Drug Delivery System

The main purpose of development pharmaceutical dosage form is to find out the in vivo and in vitro behavior of dosage form. This challenge is overcome by implementation of in-vivo and in-vitro correlation. Application of this technique is economical and time saving in dosage form development. It shortens the period of development dosage form as well as improves product quality. IVIVC reduce the experimental study on human because IVIVC involves the in vivo relevant media utilization in vitro specifications. The key goal of IVIVC is to serve as alternate for in vivo bioavailability studies and serve as justification for bio waivers. IVIVC follows the specifications and relevant quality control parameters that lead to improvement in pharmaceutical dosage form development in short period of time.
Recently in-vivo in-vitro correlation (IVIVC) has found application to predict the pharmacokinetic behaviour of pharmaceutical preparations. It has emerged as a reliable tool to find the mode of absorption of several dosage forms. It is used to correlate the in-vitro dissolution with in vivo pharmacokinetic profile. IVIVC made use to predict the bioavailability of the drug of particular dosage form. IVIVC is satisfactory for the therapeutic release profile specifications of the formulation. IVIVC model has capability to predict plasma drug concentration from in vitro dissolution media. Keywords: Bioavailability, convolution, drug dissolution, Bio waivers