Adult’s Total Parenteral Nutrition: Initiative and Implementation of Standardized Formulation in Saudi Arabia

The general administration of pharmaceutical care started potential pharmacy practice program. The program is part of the accreditation professional’s process of national and international regulations. The adult’s parenteral nutrition was one of the critical programs. The most healthcare professionals are not familiar with the new system. The new initiatives system adult’s standardized concentration formulation of total parental nutrition as complementary to the previous one. The new formulation consisted of all parental nutrition requirements based on national and international standards. The new system can be converted as computerized physician orders. The new initiatives may implement as a project management model for over one year or less than that’s. The new system prevents nutrition-related problems, and medication errors, and improve clinical outcomes of the adults’ population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Keywords: Adult total parenteral nutrition, formulation, Pharmacy, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia.