Probiotics for Oral Health: Boon or Bane

Probiotics are been widely used these days in diseases of the gut to combat the effect of medications and to provide a better beneficial microflora for the Gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The use of probiotics in maintaining oral health has been widely discussed as the beneficial bacterial could replace the cariogenic and other bacterial which affect oral health and prove a boon for oral health. The main strains used in GIT include Lactobacillus Species which are known to produce acids and can cause a reciprocal effect on the oral cavity. So everything which seems good is not a boon it might also have some ill effects which can be misery full and prove bane. This review demonstrates the action of Probiotics on oral health and disease with both beneficial and harmful effects. Keywords: Beneficial bacteria, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Lactobacillus, Oral health.