Views of General Public and Creating Awareness on the Role of Pharmacist in Health Care

Pharmacies are natural first port of call healthcare providers in society who connect the gap between doctors and patients for optimal and rational use of the medicines although the public perception on pharmacists as a healthcare professional is ambiguous. There is a great need to generate awareness in the public as well as other health care professionals about the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in the healthcare system. The objectives of this study were to assess the approval of general public on the role of pharmacist in health care and to create awareness by educating using pamphlets. A total of 450 individuals were approached for the study, where 400 participated and 50 showed no interest. A validated Pre-awareness assessment questionnaire containing 15 questions and a set of five post education awareness assessment questions were prepared to assess the improvement in awareness level after pamphlet education. The study indicated that most of the respondents had poor awareness about the role of pharmacist to healthcare. Education levels of respondents were significantly associated with awareness levels of participants. The approval level was found to be average. The awareness level improved after creating awareness by educating via pamphlet. Keywords: Pharmacist’s roles and responsibilities, public awareness, approval.