Incretins mimetic effects of Herbal drugs for management of Diabetes Mellitus: A research based approach

Insulin is a lifesaving hormone which is secreted from beta cell of Pancreas. It helps to reduce high blood sugar in the blood by trapping the glucose molecule and enter into cell. Now a day, insulin resistance diabetes mellitus (IRDM) becomes a serious public health problem in the world and also a great headache to the scientific communities. That’s why, world scientist are enormously seeking the alternative of insulin or insulin like effective drugs. It has been proved that nature is having all remedies to combat disease related morbidity and mortality. We have to search, we have to know, we have to identify and we have to apply appropriate technology to evaluate new molecules, new metabolites or active compounds for reducing the devastating effects of diabetes as well as insulin resistance diabetes mellitus. Evidence based studies showed that berbery, bitter melon, cinnamon tree, gardenia, korean pine, little dragon, mango, pygeum, fenugreek and lychee composed of incretins mimetic compounds. But isolation of active metabolomics and the multicentre base clinical trials are needed to propagate the herbal medicine in the world. It is an attempt to amalgamate, to congregate, to concise some incretins mimetic medicinal plants which will help to get new generic compound and also give new clue for further research on DM.