Role of Community Pharmacist in the prevention and management of Cardiovascular Diseases: A pilot study

Community pharmacists have substantial knowledge and ability to beat crucial threat associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) in clinical settings. This elemental study was organized to govern the influence of pharmaceutical care provided by community pharmacists on the therapeutic management of various cardiovascular problems. This study involved 50 community pharmacists near hospital areas where OPD’s are conducted on regular basis by consultants. A questionnaire was designed to collect the feedback from patients to measure the outcomes of community pharmacists’ role. Our study showed that community pharmacists have enough knowledge to identify risk factors, manage and advice about their medications and need of life style changes to manage their conditions. The outcomes of study shows that more than the half of the patients were gratified with the services of community pharmacists for treating or compensating crucial stages of cardiovascular diseases.
Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases, community pharmacists, Pakistan Pakistan, patient counseling.