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In-Vitro Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Acorus Calamus Rhizomes


Abstract The above study attempts to evaluate the phytochemical and antimicrobial action of rhizomes of Acorus calamus Linn. belongs to the family Acoraceae, with different solvents. Rhizomes…

Sreekanth Sudhan Kaithavalappil1* , Ganesan Vellaichamy2 , Kannappan Nagappan3 , Deepa Sreekanth4

1Research Scholar, Department of Pharmaceutics, Karpagam University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India 2Departmnet of Pharmaceutics, The Erode College of Pharmacy, Erode, Tamilnadu, India 3Department of Pharmaceutics, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, India 4Department Of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, Al-Dawadimi, Shaqra university, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia