The Unregistered Drugs Coverage in the Media in Malaysia: Content Analysis of the Public Newspapers

Abstract: Newspaper is the most common media that can be used as a reference to know the current issues that happened in the countries. Also, there are a lot of articles about unregistered drugs published in newspapers in Malaysia. The purpose of this research to explore the content of the
unregistered drugs in Malaysia based on the interviewee statements in the articles or news in the selected newspapers. The two most popular newspapers online available chosen (Kosmo and Utusan Malaysia newspaper online). About 56 articles identified for the year 2000 until 2014. The selected data was analysed using content analysis method. The production of unregistered drugs articles are increasing trend since 2000 until 2014. The findings from the content analysis indicate that majority of the articles are finally sub-categorized to certain themes which are, contributing factors, the impact of unregistered drugs and management of the unregistered drugs. The limited of references in this scope made these findings as benchmark findings. These findings used as the problem statement in designing research for the future to combat unregistered drugs in order to achieve authorities’ aims which are to provide the quality, safety and effective pharmaceutical products to the public. Keywords: unregistered drugs; newspapers; content analysis; Malaysia