Prevalence of Obesity and Overweight among Adolescent School Children in Jaipur, India

Objective: The potential public health problem that is emerging now a days is an increasing incidence of childhood obesity and overweight in developing countries. It lead to a number of health related problems among children. This study was carried outto study the prevalence of obesity and overweight among adolescent school children of Achrol, Jaipur. Moreover, this study was alsoto identify any differences as per age, gender, life style disorders and diet preference. Setting and design: It was a school based cross-sectional study carried out over a period of 2 months in three different schools of Achrol village. Materials and methods: Adolescent school children between 12 to 15 years of age were analyzed by a random sampling procedure in three different selected schools. Results: The overall prevalence of obesity was 2% and of overweight was 10.2% among adolescent school children. The prevalence of overweight was 9.5% among boys and 10.9% among girls indicating that girls were at a greater risk of becoming obese. Conclusion: Overweight was marginally higher in the pubertal age groups of 13 to 15 years in Achrol and timely intervention is required for its control.