Multiple Drug Resistance in Typhoid Fever: A Case Report

Vol 2, Issue 2: Apr 2016-Jun 2016. A 20-years-old girl was examined in hospital premises having the symptoms like fever, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and fatigue since last week. Palpation revealed discomfort in left upper and lower abdomen. Ultrasonography revealed hepatomegaly and increased spleen size. Hematological tests revealed anemia and typhoid test was positive for IgG. The Widal test showed that patient serum was agglutinated with lipolysacharide and flagellarproteins. The antigen of serotype S.typhi was also present. Patient was diagnosed with typhoid fever. First-line therapy was penicillin that remained uneffective. Second line therapy given was quinolones; that also remained uneffective. Antibiotic susceptibility test showed that strains were resistant to multiple drugs like chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin and co-trimoxazole. Finally, rational therapy was third generation cephalosporin i.e. ceftriaxone. After one-week of therapy, patient physical symptoms disappear and no relapse occurred during follow up.