A Cross-sectional Study on the Level of Perceived Stress and Self-reported Morbidity among Call Handlers Working in Call Centers in Gurgaon, Haryana

Objective: To study prevalence of self reported mental health problems among call center employees and to determine the risk factors associated with them. Setting and Design: Study design: Descriptive cross sectional study. Study period: 3months (September – November 2014). Sampling technique: Purposive sampling method. Material and methods: 200 Call centre employee working in a call centre of Gurgaon. Statistical measures: Percentage, proportions, Chi-square test Results: Among all 200 call centre employees, 140(70%) were suffering from mental health problems. Anxiety 178(89%) was most common mental health problem. There was significant difference in prevalence of mental illness in relation to age, gender, education, religion, sleep pattern and family history of illness of call centre employee. Conclusion: About two third of all the call centre employees are suffering from mental health problems. Long term measures are required to maintain sound mental health of call centre employee.