Neonatal Total Parenteral Nutrition: Initiative and implementation of standardized formulation in Saudi Arabia

The total parental nutrition considered as high alert medications for neonates population and others. Several medications safety institutions and international with national accreditation organization recommended setting prevention measure of medical error events. The new medications safety project initiative was neonates standardized parental nutrition formulation. The formulation contained all requirements of American Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and European Parental and Enteral Nutrition standard. Also, to the United State Pharmacopeia 797 stranded. The formulation is suitable for neonates with formal renal and hepatic functions with common neonate’s requirements Parenteral Nutrition in Saudi Arabia. The new initiative’s project may implement through explored project management tools with close measurements of performance indicators outcome. The neonate’s standardized formulation of parental nutrition new programs at the Ministry of Health hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Gulf and Middle East counties.